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Stop Spinning so fast.

Published June 4, 2017 by Kappaloca

Can the world just please stop spinning for a while? Just a few seconds slower please.

As much as I try to fit everything i still want to do in one day I keep finding that I did not do all the things I set out to do. Am I just getting old and slow or has the world’s rotation sped up a bit?

I promised to do the washing today. Did I do it? NO – Because it was more important to go have a Milkshake an Waffle day with my daughters. I say my daughters as I did not even invite my son. He stayed home to watch his Dad and get his homework done. I will spend a Mom and Son day with him alone. Who gives a shit about washing anyway? Wash it tomorrow. If the sun comes out. And if it does not? Well there is always a next day.

Time has a way of slipping away from us. Tasks pile up and some are trashed as they are not that important. Always make time for Family. Family takes prevalence over any tasks that needed doing.

I had a bucket list. Yup … HAD. Who cares if I had done a skydive or jumped off a Cliff or seen The Eiffel Tower? What matters most is that my children had seen me and I had seen them. Some days I feel like killing them or dropping them off inside the Lion Park but  then we kiss and make up and Life goes on. I want them to remember the Good and the Bad times so creating some Good times are of paramount importance as I will not always be around. I am going greyer by the day, getting older by the minute but I swear what ever time I do have left (No I am not dying ) I will do my very best to create the Memories they will need one day to carry on.

I realise now that sweating all the small stuff like cleaning their rooms and making sure their nails are always clean is just a bunch of shit they do not need in life. Being alive, Laughing,  and spending TIME together is what matters most. 

Have I taken on too much? Who’s fault is that? Not their fault.

Am I complaining with a Silver spoon dangling from my hip? Yes

Is the world still spinning too fast? Yes

Can I get back the time wasted on trivial things? NO!

Would I do things differently if given the chance? YES!!!

Do I feel guilty for the missed opportunities? NO! It is unnecessary to take a trip on the guilt train or to play the blame game. Everything happened for a reason. See it as a learning curve. a fulfilment of a Bucket List created by Nature.

It is what it is. 

The only spinning I now need to do is spin the washing in the Tumble Drier.

Having Milkshake with my Grandson makes Life slow down enough. For me the world spun slower for a few minutes today.

PS: I love you.




The man who saved my Life

Published November 11, 2013 by Kappaloca

Today I had the privilege of doing an Interview with the man who saved my life once.

He is the Headmaster of the School that all my Children had attended and some are still there.

He is retiring at the end of the Year after 19 Years. I had to do an Interview with him for a Local Website that I contribute to on a freelance basis.

I met him 19 Years ago at a local Restaurant where I took my daughter for Lunch. I had just had a Hiatus hernia Operation about a week and a half prior to this day. I could not eat any solid foods yet and had to be very careful of what and how I swallowed.

We got so engrossed in our conversation that I completely forgot about what I was doing and without a second thought I snuck a chip off her plate and stuck it in my mouth. I chewed it and swallowed.

The instant it went down my throat I knew that I had just made the worst mistake of my Life. I could not breathe and the chip went all foamy and started to swell up in the back of my throat. It was like chewing an effervescent Pill. It just foamed and foamed but would not go down or come back up. My eyes started to bulge and I could not breathe or speak. I was choking. My life flashed in front of my eyes and the next thing I looked into the eyes of the man sitting at the opposite table with his wife and three young Daughters. He asked me if I was ok and I started shaking my head from side to side.

He jumped up and grabbed me from behind. He did the Heimlich Manoeuvre on me. The first jolt did nothing and he tried again.

The first breath I took was painful and it burnt like hell, but I knew I would be ok.

Today I told him this story for the first time since that day and it was like a lightbulb had gone off in his head. He remembered but never knew it was me.

He has been a rock and a pillar in the Community for 19 Years and dedicated himself to his profession. Any child who had ever crossed his path has gone forth in Life, Richer, Wiser and he will be sorely missed by the Children.

He has meant so much in the Life of my children and myself. I am forever indebted to him.

The Interview that was supposed to last about 30 minutes ended up being an in depth look at the amazing Person that made leaders out of children who thought they would never make it. Two hours later we walked away from the Interview and I can almost write a book about this incredible person.

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