Photo Travels mixed with my emotions

Published July 24, 2014 by Kappaloca

So I thought I would clean out my head and start blogging with photos. Not just to cheer me up but to cheer up others who need it.
I live in a very Pristine part of South Africa and when I see Photographs of all the Other Places all over the world it takes my breath away and sometimes you find yourself looking hard and long at some of them. You then don’t just see the Beauty you feel them.
So let me start by adding a few of my Favourite photos of my Home Town.
I hope you like them too
My Home T DSCF5268  DSCF6314 DSCF6535 DSCF6632 DSCF5276DSCF6505 DSCF6507DSCF9425 DSCF9427 DSCF9429 DSCF9914 DSCF9932 photo_3 DSCF1426 DSCF1436DSCF6637 DSCF6642 DSCF7722 DSCF7781DSCF0974 DSCF1076


Out of touch

Published July 23, 2014 by Kappaloca

I have not been on WordPress for a while. I have become out of touch with myself.
a few things have happened to me and I have lost some dear friendsin the last few months. Instead of becoming a boring blogger I just refrained from saying anything.
Over the last few months and weeks I have had to regroup my thoughts and feelings.

Have I have taken on too much?

Actually I do bugger all. I get up, I make Coffee, Smoke too much, clean up here and there and then sit my behind down in front of my Pc. I work my “shifts” so I can make food in between and then feed my face.
Normal day ends at 5:30 pm here as we eat early.Rule in my house is that I cook, the kids clean and wash the dishes afterwards.I take my seat again behind my Pc and stay here until my eyelids start to close.
I go on Twitter, read e-mails, G+ and FB and sit there and “administer” all the various pages that I am admin on or have started. We bitch, we moan, we bicker, we gossip, we meet up occasionally for coffee and we share out posts about Places of interest in our area.
I do not get paid for the administration of any of my pages, but Today someone walked into my house and handed me a few Bills with these words: “Thank you for always sharing our Business on your Forums and Groups. Your kind words make for extra Clients coming through our doors.” Wow.

The kids have just had winter Holidays, but thankfully back at school. Winter Breaks are fine for them as they can sleep late and don’t have to endure the harsh colds with just a School Uniform. Our school allows for a knee blanket, but kids may not wear certain items of clothing to School as it breaks the uniformity. It has always pissed me off that kids must wear uniforms that involves a skirt for girls but no wool stockings. Teachers wear 3 to 4 layers of clothing plus a Coat and sit in front of a heater in their classrooms whilst the kids sit watching her with clattering teeth. How can one take in anything whilst you are cold. Thank goodness it’s almost over.
Anyway see there I got a load of Cr@#p off my chest.
Until next time.

RANT OVER … Must go touch something. Must stay in touch.

As the hourglass spills it’s contents

Published May 13, 2014 by Kappaloca

The Hourglass has only so many crumbs of Sand.

Life is measured by those crumbs.

And so Today has been another day of Heartache.

Saying Goodbye is never a good feeling and seeing those who have loved in so much pain leaves no one unscathed. Too many deaths. Too many broken souls. So many tears.

Keep the Memories and make them last. 
Condolences is said but the pain can not be erased. Everyone deals with their anguish in their own way. 
I wish you all Peace and Strength in the days to come and the weeks to follow.
When the hurting is done the pain will fade but the emotions roll on.

Life is not fair but our hour is marked.
For each of us death deals a card.
Be brave and be strong. 
For those who have died we must remain strong.

Mothers Day

Published May 11, 2014 by Kappaloca


It is 4:30pm on Mothers Day and I have yet to hear from my children.

I have six children and so far one has made the effort to phone me and incidentally she lives the furthest away from me. 

I was woken up with a phone call this morning and eagerly awaited the words Happy Mothers Day, but all I heard was my daughter asking if it would be okay if her son stayed a while longer toady as she has to help a friend bake Cupcakes and Muffins for a function tomorrow.

I love my grandson and have no problem ever having him over, but when the visit comes with a lie, that angers me.

She phoned me on Friday asking if it was okay if he spent the night as she was tired. Sure Honey no problem, but then finding out you went out and had a blast pisses me off and then some more when you repeat the process the next night.

You could have asked me to babysit the whole weekend and told me the truth from word one. 

Today I have sat and watched thousands of People post pictures, say nice words and generally show their appreciation to their Mothers.

I love you all unconditionally, but Today was one of the biggest let downs and loneliest days of my life when I just had to get up, take care of your son, make Lunch for myself and Wait … 

Oh but I forgot, You are a Mother too. Your son is way too young to say the words, but in all he does he shows you.

I hope your Mothers Day was way better than mine and you were made to feel Special.


Stuck in my Mind

Published May 6, 2014 by Kappaloca

Sometimes when somebody tells you a story and you acknowledge it but don’t really Listen it often comes back later to bite you in the ass.

Such a story was told to me and it has not just bit me in the ass it is haunting me now.

How do I tell my dear friend who has been through so much in Life, who has taken care of her two kids on her own that her Gorgeously Beautiful daughter is a “User” 

In the aftermath of the death of “Freddy” and “Peaches” I have read their stories online and it breaks my heart to see the families who are left behind and the raw emotions visible in their eyes. 

I feel like screaming it out to Chelsea. How dare you? Why? After all your mom has had to endure and give up so you can have a better life, How could you? Do you even know where this is going to end up? 

You are only 17 Chelsea. Your whole entire Life ahead of you still.

Is this just a game to you? Do you even care? Is it just for fun and laughter?

Will you say you only just tried it once? Will you say your friends are all doing it and you did not want to be left out?

ONCE is all it takes for some. 

Did you think no one will ever see you or know about it?

You have unknowingly ended up on my daughter’s neighbours doorstep. My daughter has seen you there and she knows that the neighbour is not just a User, but also a Pusher of Lethal drugs like Heroin and Mandrax. The Parties, the smell and waft of Pot and the endless stream of young visitors makes it obvious. 

Anyone reading this will most probably immediately ask why she does not phone the Police and rightly so. Would you?

Do you know how influential these bastards are? They are very very connected and taking out one dealer and reporting them will just result in another sprouting up the next day. If they even suspect you of being the snitch, funny stuff starts happening around your house.  

My biggest concern here is the welfare of this 17 year old girl whom I have known since she was a baby. 

Snorting Coke and smoking weed is not a Game you play. 

How do I break this to your mother? 

Should I even consider doing so?

Is it worth the rejection from her? Because that is the first thing that will happen here.

I guess the fact that I know and am not saying anything makes it even worse. But if she should lose you it will eat me alive. 

I wish this on No parent, let alone a Friend.

For now it will stay stuck in my mind. My demons to take to bed with me.

Stay Safe tonight Chelsea. 

Trip down West Coast of South Africa

Published May 2, 2014 by Kappaloca




  Took  Trip down to the West Coast of Southern Africa. Here is a view in Photographs of just some of the Beauty this Country holds.

Small Fishing Towns and Raw beauty surrounds you in these towns where the People are friendly and rustic. Nothing is ever a rush. They do it all in their own time, but spending even a few minutes in their company leaves you with a smile of satisfaction. The Freshest Fish and delicacies from the seas is served all round.

ImageImageVeldriftImageBokkomsImageFishing Boat at LaaiplekImageLaaiplek HarbourImageDried and Pickled fish bitesImagePaternosterImageDinghy’s on the beachImageSunset in PaternosterImageGolden Mile – white sands

ImageStrollersImageBoulders ImageSt Helena Bay HarbourImageSaldanhaImageClub MykonosImageS A’s own Greek MykonosImageAgterbaai Private BeachImageGanzekraal SunsetImageMelkbosch SunsetImageMelkbosch SurfersImageMisty Mountains


Saying Goodbye

Published April 17, 2014 by Kappaloca

Yet another friend has passed, yet another piece of my heart has been taken. 

I have lost 3 friends in a matter of months and have seen another friend battle the loss of his daughter a mere 2 months ago on her Graduation day. Death has been busy in the lives of a few friends in different parts of my life, but this one has touched the root core of my being.

I have lost a child and overcame my anger, frustration, fear and questions. I realised that life went on and I had to stay strong for the rest of my children, my husband and myself. 

We had been friends since I was 13 years old. We met at a local Shop were we played games on the Pinball Machines. Shona was a few years older than me and finished school 3 years before me. She started working and would share a lot of her income with me. The minute a new fashion craze hit the streets she would not just buy it for herself but I would get the same. Our articles of Choice was Shoes.The Whoppers, The Jellybabies, The latest fashion Tackies, we just had to have them.

We grew up in the 60’s. The era of Rock and Roll. The Stovepipe Jeans and the Cordurouy Jackets, The music was good, the times were good and we were teenagers! She bought me my first seven single – Barracuda and she bought me my first LP – Rocky Horror Picture Show. Had no idea at the time what all the hype was about and when it got banned I was glad we each had a copy before it got taken off the shelves. We went to the Cinema and the Drive – ins. we listened to The Top 20 Countdowns on a transistor Radio untill late night and sang the songs out loud. Oumi and Oupi as her Mom and Dad was fondly known, had to give more than 3 warnings about the noise and the laughter at sleep overs. 

We both had our Babies at a young age, but it came to a point where we went our separate ways. I moved to Johannesburg and she stayed on in Cape Town. I was hard for both of us and I soon asked her to weigh her options and move up and come stay with us. She did. 

We carried on with our Nursing careers at Various hospitals and after a year or so she moved into her own place. I hardly ever went anywhere without her. It was great to know she was there for me and I could be there for her at any time. She was the one who organised my Engagement party and helped me pack up when it was time for me and my Fiancée at the Time to move on. We made a silly Blood Vow to Never be angry and forget about each other. It was a sad time for all of us, but life had to go on. She stayed behind in Johannesburg for a while before moving back to Cape Town. Times got tough and she moved out to The Garden Route and lived with me again for a while until she got a place of her own. My children loved her and I loved hers. My children was hers and hers was mine. We spent virtually every weekend together.

Shona was the one who was with me the Day my son died in a tragic Drowning accident. She had urged me twice to rather fetch him, but i did not want him to get in the way as I was doing a Business call. She was the one who held it together for a long time for me. She got me through the days and the nights after the accident. For some time after that my mind is blank. I had to come back home alone. The calls got less for a while as she did not know how to handle ME.  

We never broke contact with each other even if it meant Letters and Phone Calls from a “Tickeybox” 

Every Visit to Cape Town always included a visit with her even it meant only a few minutes. 

As her health deteriorated I used to get updates via friends and family and still went to see her as often as was possible. On my last visit to Cape Town I had a bit of extra time and we spoke about times gone by and laughed at some of the stupid things we did. The days of Rock and Roll had passed and the age of Pille and Brille had arrived. Our Children is all grown up and Beautiful. We had become Seniors. It’s a fact we could not deny. We survived even if she had been dealt a few blows herself. Living without both your legs and bound to a wheelchair is not anybody’s choice of Lifestyle. Not what we envisioned our old age to be.

I am just glad that I could be part of the best memories as well as the saddest memories of our Friendship together.


Our Lives together was not one of friendship it was a Family bond 

Fly Free my sister, Fly Free with the Angels.



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