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Out of touch

Published July 23, 2014 by Kappaloca

I have not been on WordPress for a while. I have become out of touch with myself.
a few things have happened to me and I have lost some dear friendsin the last few months. Instead of becoming a boring blogger I just refrained from saying anything.
Over the last few months and weeks I have had to regroup my thoughts and feelings.

Have I have taken on too much?

Actually I do bugger all. I get up, I make Coffee, Smoke too much, clean up here and there and then sit my behind down in front of my Pc. I work my “shifts” so I can make food in between and then feed my face.
Normal day ends at 5:30 pm here as we eat early.Rule in my house is that I cook, the kids clean and wash the dishes afterwards.I take my seat again behind my Pc and stay here until my eyelids start to close.
I go on Twitter, read e-mails, G+ and FB and sit there and “administer” all the various pages that I am admin on or have started. We bitch, we moan, we bicker, we gossip, we meet up occasionally for coffee and we share out posts about Places of interest in our area.
I do not get paid for the administration of any of my pages, but Today someone walked into my house and handed me a few Bills with these words: “Thank you for always sharing our Business on your Forums and Groups. Your kind words make for extra Clients coming through our doors.” Wow.

The kids have just had winter Holidays, but thankfully back at school. Winter Breaks are fine for them as they can sleep late and don’t have to endure the harsh colds with just a School Uniform. Our school allows for a knee blanket, but kids may not wear certain items of clothing to School as it breaks the uniformity. It has always pissed me off that kids must wear uniforms that involves a skirt for girls but no wool stockings. Teachers wear 3 to 4 layers of clothing plus a Coat and sit in front of a heater in their classrooms whilst the kids sit watching her with clattering teeth. How can one take in anything whilst you are cold. Thank goodness it’s almost over.
Anyway see there I got a load of Cr@#p off my chest.
Until next time.

RANT OVER … Must go touch something. Must stay in touch.


Mothers Day

Published May 11, 2014 by Kappaloca


It is 4:30pm on Mothers Day and I have yet to hear from my children.

I have six children and so far one has made the effort to phone me and incidentally she lives the furthest away from me. 

I was woken up with a phone call this morning and eagerly awaited the words Happy Mothers Day, but all I heard was my daughter asking if it would be okay if her son stayed a while longer toady as she has to help a friend bake Cupcakes and Muffins for a function tomorrow.

I love my grandson and have no problem ever having him over, but when the visit comes with a lie, that angers me.

She phoned me on Friday asking if it was okay if he spent the night as she was tired. Sure Honey no problem, but then finding out you went out and had a blast pisses me off and then some more when you repeat the process the next night.

You could have asked me to babysit the whole weekend and told me the truth from word one. 

Today I have sat and watched thousands of People post pictures, say nice words and generally show their appreciation to their Mothers.

I love you all unconditionally, but Today was one of the biggest let downs and loneliest days of my life when I just had to get up, take care of your son, make Lunch for myself and Wait … 

Oh but I forgot, You are a Mother too. Your son is way too young to say the words, but in all he does he shows you.

I hope your Mothers Day was way better than mine and you were made to feel Special.


So much to do so little Time.

Published January 2, 2014 by Kappaloca

So it’s arrived. 2014

I have not written for a while and every night i promised myself to just type a few words, but the heat and the exhaustion won every time.

I am a Housewife, Lady of Leisure, Granny, blah blah blah and all that. But come end November I always unwittingly find myself back in the Job Market. I promised myself last year at the end of yet another crazy season of getting up at 4am in the Mornings and turning in at 1 to 2am in the mornings that I will not do it to myself or my Family again and here I sit.

For me Season starts with the Students knocking off and flocking to our Beautiful Coastal Paradise. In their thousands. They take over Residences, Lodges, Hotels, Flats and Complexes and some just sleep on the Beaches or in Tents. Some don’t seem to sleep at all.

Then it’s the turn of the working Class. The super Rich and the one’s who worked their asses off to put together the funds to have a two to three weeks Holiday and they expect only the Best. Restaurants are full to capacity and our little Town get invaded and over run by Obnoxious, Rude, Snotty and some just downright idiotic Holiday makers. Shop Owners employ up to three times the normal amount of People to oversee and help Customers who spend big bucks. We should be Grateful and mostly we are, but Geez can they leave the Grumpy Husband and Bratty Kids on the Pavement when they do Shopping? You get these Moms who for 350 days of the Year have a “Nanny” that takes care of their Children”s needs and then wham!! Nanny goes on Holiday too and Mommy IS on Holiday but has no clue as to how to handle her own kids. They Screech, Yell, want, demand and Need! Mommy wants to be on the Beach the whole day and starts getting that haunted look after the 3rd Day so she just goes with the flow and gives in to their every Tantrum.

Being on Holiday means No Cooking. Eat Out and Take Out is at the order of the Day. But that brings out the worst in every picky eater. The Menu says one thing and they want it changed to something else. menu says Scrambled eggs they want poached. Menu says 2 strips of Bacon they want 3. Menu says with Chilli they want Mayonnaise. There is 7 orders waiting to be completed and a Customer walks in and says, Can they please make mine first I am in a hurry and my kids are hungry. what buddy? So is every other person who came before You!!

Retailers, Food Chains, Supermarkets, Suppliers and especially Bottle Stores are run off their feet and pushed to their Limits with the needs and want and we just have to Smile and Wave. When you run out of something and not even the Suppliers can Supply you have to come up with emergency measures and go the extra Mile but no one seems to care or even Notice.

My ultimate pet hate is Customers who get excellent Service and attentiveness from a waiter and then leaves them either no tip or a mere 50c. The waiters are mostly young Students who at a cost get to work and try to make a few extra bucks to enable them to also enjoy the spoils of the Season and buy Christmas gifts with money they earned.

I run a few pages on Social networks and also do Web pages for friends with Small Businesses. I have to maintain that in the evenings and do Updates on their behalf. I have a family who needs me and I still have to cook for them after doing 12 hours straight. Then work on my List of necessities for tomorrows influx of Customers and still get a good nights rest. The heat does not dissipate. I feel like just packing it in and doing what comes naturally. be a Granny, Housewife and sit on my ass, but no such chance.

Walked into centre of Town to fetch Supplies and walked into a familiar face. She looks ten times more haggard than I feel. Her Staff walked out on her and she is jostling it all alone. Have to be in 10 places all at once and offers me a Job right there. Will see her next week.

So bring it on 2014!! Let’s do this!

Wishing all my Followers a fantastic Year ahead.

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