A Rejuvenating Trip

Published November 4, 2014 by Kappaloca

Life gets very stale if you keep doing the same monotonous thing over and over again.

Sometimes the very thing that can break through to your core is to take a trip. Almost like a Bucket list. Journey to places you have never been or seen. Ours started with a planned trip to an Anniversary Event for our Motorbike Club who just celebrated 10 years of Existence. a Lot of planning went into the trip and in one’s mind it is always a smooth transition. Reality though is that anything and everything that could possibly go wrong, would.

Set off on Wednesday afternoon and had a wonderful evening with old friends. We sat around the Table and just caught up about all things good. Lots of Coffee and laughter later we had to reluctantly get into bed as our Journey would mean for us to leave very early in the morning. a cool crisp morning greeted us as we left Port Elizabeth en route to Graaff-Reinett. The temperature soon started to rise and thing started heating up. The mountains and passes we went through took one’s breath away.


Miles and miles of farmland and hills on a almost cloudless day

I stared out the window of the car for ages just taking in all the beauty South Africa has to give. The Temperature was rising by the minute but thankfully we soon entered Graaff-Reinett a small Town in the Karoo. Stopped at a local eatery and ordered some Lunch. Whilst there I took my phone and “checked in” Within minutes got a call and asked where we were as some of our other members were also in the same town but different location. As we had already ordered we stayed. The food was terrible. Disappointed and still hungry we finished and left to meet up with the others a mere two blocks further up the Road at a place called “The Lemon Tree” It’s a house but it is also a Pub. Frequented by locals and bikers alike. a refreshing stop for anyone travelling to “Grafies” as this Town is also called. The name of the establishment derives from the Huge Lemon tree that grows in the Courtyard. It bares Fruit all year round and carries three varieties of Lemons. The Owner, JP is quick to pluck out a bag and asks you to help yourself. After filling my bag we sat around the bar waiting for their food to arrive. What an amazing plate of food served with a smile and for almost half the price of the Junk food we just ate. You are sure to see us again JP.


The Lemon Tree Bar in Graaff-Reinett


This Majestic Church can be seen from all four sides of the Town

As our Journey has now grown to a fellowship of 8 we set off for the next part. Our next Fuel Stop would be Colesburg.

Ps. Next episode of our Journey to follow


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