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Photo Travels mixed with my emotions

Published July 24, 2014 by Kappaloca

So I thought I would clean out my head and start blogging with photos. Not just to cheer me up but to cheer up others who need it.
I live in a very Pristine part of South Africa and when I see Photographs of all the Other Places all over the world it takes my breath away and sometimes you find yourself looking hard and long at some of them. You then don’t just see the Beauty you feel them.
So let me start by adding a few of my Favourite photos of my Home Town.
I hope you like them too
My Home T DSCF5268  DSCF6314 DSCF6535 DSCF6632 DSCF5276DSCF6505 DSCF6507DSCF9425 DSCF9427 DSCF9429 DSCF9914 DSCF9932 photo_3 DSCF1426 DSCF1436DSCF6637 DSCF6642 DSCF7722 DSCF7781DSCF0974 DSCF1076


Out of touch

Published July 23, 2014 by Kappaloca

I have not been on WordPress for a while. I have become out of touch with myself.
a few things have happened to me and I have lost some dear friendsin the last few months. Instead of becoming a boring blogger I just refrained from saying anything.
Over the last few months and weeks I have had to regroup my thoughts and feelings.

Have I have taken on too much?

Actually I do bugger all. I get up, I make Coffee, Smoke too much, clean up here and there and then sit my behind down in front of my Pc. I work my “shifts” so I can make food in between and then feed my face.
Normal day ends at 5:30 pm here as we eat early.Rule in my house is that I cook, the kids clean and wash the dishes afterwards.I take my seat again behind my Pc and stay here until my eyelids start to close.
I go on Twitter, read e-mails, G+ and FB and sit there and “administer” all the various pages that I am admin on or have started. We bitch, we moan, we bicker, we gossip, we meet up occasionally for coffee and we share out posts about Places of interest in our area.
I do not get paid for the administration of any of my pages, but Today someone walked into my house and handed me a few Bills with these words: “Thank you for always sharing our Business on your Forums and Groups. Your kind words make for extra Clients coming through our doors.” Wow.

The kids have just had winter Holidays, but thankfully back at school. Winter Breaks are fine for them as they can sleep late and don’t have to endure the harsh colds with just a School Uniform. Our school allows for a knee blanket, but kids may not wear certain items of clothing to School as it breaks the uniformity. It has always pissed me off that kids must wear uniforms that involves a skirt for girls but no wool stockings. Teachers wear 3 to 4 layers of clothing plus a Coat and sit in front of a heater in their classrooms whilst the kids sit watching her with clattering teeth. How can one take in anything whilst you are cold. Thank goodness it’s almost over.
Anyway see there I got a load of Cr@#p off my chest.
Until next time.

RANT OVER … Must go touch something. Must stay in touch.

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