Holding on to the moment

Published November 22, 2013 by Kappaloca

I just watched this Clip:

So then what does happen? How is it that we cannot hold on? hold on to those moments that started the action or the growth?

You find a guy, you fall in love. That love is so intense that it hurts. It causes butterflies, makes your face light up every time you see each other. Your time becomes collective to only one meaning: getting to see him as soon as possible again. You start losing weight, you wear your clothes differently, you brush your hair more often, apply make-up more vibrantly. Anything to impress and draw the person closer to you. The touch makes you shudder, the kisses make you swoon, the cuddles and the strolls and the talking and the dreaming aloud,the showing each other off becomes a highlight in your life. Spending time together is the ultimate in holding on. The memories you take home is burnt into your brain. You don’t want to lose them. You smell each other in your clothing for hours afterwards. You don’t want to live without the other person. and then one day….it changes. Some changes are subtle others comes crashing down on you. The cheating, the lying, the abusive relationships, the name calling. Is there really anything to make you stay?

But every thing has to die and fade away! Everything! Even Love can die.

From the smallest creature to the biggest Mountain has to change and die. and so it is with love.

We often hear people say they fell out of love with a person. Why? What causes a reaction like that?

I personally think it’s all good to fall out of love with some one who just does not make you happy, but how does it happen? why? why does it happen? I also hear the phrase: we have grown in love together. 

I think we all want to grow old with that very special some one and stay Forever in love. Few have mastered this. 

Even the brittlest of flowers started from a seed, grew and blossomed, came into it’s own beauty, sowed it’s seeds,roughed the storms and the waters and the winds and the rain and then wilts and dies.

Live Life to it’s fullest today and never regret anything. 


Love as much and as hard as you can, walk away from the things you cannot love or don’t need and appreciate your love. 

But always remember that if you never Loved you will die too.




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