I am sucked in to your Abuse as well

Published October 5, 2013 by Kappaloca

How many times more? How many times over and over will you continue to allow your Abuser to do this to you?

This is my Question to my friend. My dearest, closest friend in the whole wide world. The one person I could tell anything.

As some you know I have written about my friend who is being Abused on every single level and she is continually allowing to be abused.   Please read:  http://wp.me/p3K8Tm-4W

She is allowing him to do it to her. She keeps believing him. Keeps telling me she loves him and that is the reason she keeps going back. Back to what? He is a typical psychopathic, conniving, alcoholic, liar and abuser.

Problem is every time he does it to her she makes me feel her pain. It makes me feel that it’s my problem too. I feel like my heart is ripped out every time she goes back and she has become sly about it. She drives all these 100’s of kilometres away from him, stays for a few days and then disappears back to him again without saying anything. By the time I find out and make contact with her she is either halfway there or has arrived back there again. He is always sorry, he is always going to do better by her. He is always making promises to never hit her again or call her names. He always promises to seek help. He has done nothing. Nothing.

I get the feeling that he thrives on seeing her crawl back to him time and again. It must give him a sense of elation to get his friends and family see her coming back. Almost like he is showing her off. The only person in this story is the one getting hurt all the time. I know that I have no control over what she does, but why can I not get her to see that she is actually to blame here. She is really enabling him. She is allowing him.

She had spent over 4 hours with an attorney on her last visit and the attorney even phoned him and spoke to him whilst she was in his office. The attorney gave her the best possible advice to get the divorce proceedings over and done with as quickly as possible and then the very next morning ……She goes back!!!!!!!

I don’t know how much longer I can stand by and watch her destroy herself. I am trying and have tried hard to be there for her. To try and make her see and understand that what he is doing to her is not normal, but still she left without saying a word. Why??

I knew early that morning that I just had to see her. Knew something was wrong so I sent her a text saying I would come over later. I did. I got dressed and drove all the way to Town just to get to a closed up apartment. I thought she might have driven into town for some shopping, but when i sent her a message saying I am outside her apartment she just said: “The LAW says I have to go back.”

WHAT??? Which law?? How can any Law force you to stay with your abuser????

Does this smell like bullshit to anybody else??

She is lying. She is lying to ME!!

My breath caught in my throat. I felt like passing out!!! I was choking, My head was spinning. I was losing Control. My emotions welled up and I screamed, screamed like a wild animal. The people in the apartment complex stared at me as if I had gone insane. yes, I was feeling insane.  My emotions boiled over and I started to weep uncontrollably.

I felt every second of my own years of Abuse flood back over me.

You have sucked me into Your Abuse and I am being hurt and battered all over again.


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