I’m Dead, Don’t Ping me!

Published September 2, 2013 by Kappaloca

It’s been more than two years since you passed, and I still from time to time see people sending you messages or commenting on your Wall on Facebook. 

It often makes me wonder what would happen and how big Facebook would really be if they took away all the Dead people and double identities and doubled -up accounts. People forget their passwords and just open up a new one and invite their friends again. People die and just never thought about what it would mean to those left behind.

But what really happens after you die? No one has your Password so the account cannot be closed. Facebook and it’s creators don’t have an expiry date for unused accounts. Worst is no one can let them know that you are dead and they need to take it off.

I don’t want this to happen to me so I keep a record of all Social Media Pages and accounts I created, including Word Press and their passwords in a safe place like my Bible and have written it down inside a Thank You card addressed to my family and children, so that they would Find it and close it at my request. I don’t need to remind anyone of where I went and what I did in my life here on earth for much longer then and even sending me a message telling me I am missed makes no Sense anyway.


There are so many groups and pages created in the name of people deceased. In Memory of …….. I have no objection to that and maybe it’s a good way for people to grieve, But then after a year or two, nothing happens on those pages anyway. Of Course they are never forgotten, but they are Gone. They cannot and will not come back. They will never read the messages or see them, cannot answer them. 

We all go through a process of Grief and that’s good, but after a while …. Please keep me in mind but not in the Public eye. Take me off and pack me away. Download what you need and delete the rest. I am not a Google statistic any more.

Most of the written Blogs I have done is for my children to find and read after I have left this earth and I have made sure they will find it. I am giving them something to look forward to finding and reading, so they can know how I felt and what I was thinking whilst they were either working, going to school, growing up or just carrying on with life. Little reminders of what they did and how they made me feel. Memories for them to know that I cared and Loved them. My gift to them. I know there are many others that do the same, but have you thought of how they will find what you left them?

I know it’s not easy trusting anyone with Passwords but surely you can think of something creative? For me it works to just leave it in my Bible. Even thieves seem to have a hard time looking inside a bible when they ransack your house. I wonder if they are scared of what God might do? He may just show them the Way don’t you think? Well I hope so anyway.

Oh and another thing When I am gone so is my Mobile Phone….I’m Dead so dont Ping Me!

Thanks for Loving me through all the years. Now It’s time to make your Memories and enjoy your Life. 


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