She wears my ring forever … Part 2

Published August 20, 2013 by Kappaloca

They arrived at my house early on the morning of the wedding and proceeded to get ready. She looked so radiant and beautiful. He had a couple of drinks. There were very few friends as this was a rush. he had to be back at work on Monday morning. I asked her if she was sure she was doing the right thing and she looked so happy. How could I still doubt the happiness in her eyes.  She walked into church barefoot and flowers in her hair. a few pictures was taken after the ceremony was done and we went back to my house to celebrate. I even took him into my sons bedroom and asked him to please take care of her. She is my sister. Not by blood but she’s my sister. 

After the wedding, they went back to what has now become “Their” house by the sea. He does not own the house, he lives there rent free and also does not pay any Water or Electricity usage. He told her she could change anything in the house and move it around the way she would like to live in it. She could not wait to start living her dream with her new man.

He somehow convinced her that it would be a good idea for her son and his fiancé to come live with them as the house has 3 bedrooms and he would be able to set him up in a workplace quickly. This went well for a week or so before the cracks started showing and he started making objections about how they used the house and about the girlfriend being Lazy and a slob. She just chose to stay in her room as she quickly learnt that he was either mostly pissed or irate or ready to pick a fight. She started working shifts at a nearby shop, so they mostly missed each other. When they found out that the  fiancé was pregnant it unleashed a fury of words from him.  He made it so impossible for them to stay. Her son soon found himself another Job in a different Town closer to his other Family.  The Husband  was happy for a while and then started insisting that she bring her younger son who was still in school to come live with them. She looked forward to having him around. To move him from school would be costly but Mr said it would be fine and they would meet the financial implications. So not!! She ended up paying every cent out of her own resources on top of finding out that her elder son had left her with huge Bills at her flat. (That she owned)  Things were starting to unravel. The shouting got louder and the periods of Silent treatment got longer. 

a glass out of place would either get banged very loudly or would simply be smashed against a wall or on the floor. Something had to give and I did not have long to wait before the phone call came. She needed to get out of there as he had attacked her. He did this in such a conniving way that her son only saw her end of the brawl. He had hit her across the face and arms and when she defended herself he called out to her son to come and help him as she was busy losing her mind. The son in his innocence believed him.  The next day he deleted her off his social media page and started the silent treatment on her. The more silence, the more drinks. Bashing some stuff around and even punching a few holes in the brand new mattress that she paid for with a knife. He showed these to her son and said she did them. he in turn phoned the family and told them she was going crazy. The poor child was being dragged into an adult situation he had never had to deal with before and was naive and vulnerable. He started keeping to himself and kept to his room.  This started boiling over too as he was being rude and disrespectful.! 

She had just had enough one evening and packed what she could and left. She came “Home” again. This was short lived as he had in three days convinced her of how sorry he was and needed her back in his life. He cried like a baby and promised that this time things would be different. Promised he would go see a Psychiatrist if she promised to go with. That NEVER happened. When I phoned to see how it’s going she would simply say: “He’s trying”

He promised the son a dog. The moment the Pup got there it was ousted and had to stay outdoors.  More aggravation as the pup would do it’s business and when the son had not  picked  it up in time the arguments would start. Mother and son both had nothing other than their Laptop and Pc to keep them occupied as he was either sleeping or watching some criminal case study (His favourite) on Tv. On a day like just the rest of all other days he had asked her for something and she was playing games on her laptop. The game involved a time challenge and she asked him to wait.

DING DING!!!!!! Wrong answer. Alarm bells and raging Bulls.

He grabbed the laptop and smashed it against the wall. The screen cracked and when she started to yell at him he walked into the sons room and smashed his Pc with a hammer that he collected off the table by the door. She ran to the kitchen where she was basically trapped and as she turned around to take the glass to him that he had originally asked her for he smacked it out of her hands, still yielding the hammer. The toaster and a very expensive electrical kitchen piece was next. Smashed it to pieces.  He kept ranting for the rest of the evening whilst she had to clean up everything he had damaged.  He had at one stage yanked open the fridge door so hard that half the contents in the door casings had fallen out and glass splinters and juices and sauces were all over the place.

The next day she posted the pictures of what he had done all over social media and someone connected with them both had told him what she had done. That evening she had more trouble than ever before and he gave her a nice shiner and a badly bruised arm. When he left for work the next day the son was too scared to move from the house so did not go to school. He was a wreck. His school work was getting behind and marks were dropping. Not just did he have to find his feet in a new school with new teachers and pupils he had to be his mothers protector. His own father had always treated his mother like a queen. She had never known a life like this. 


When she finally phoned and needed our help, everyone who cared had a dilemma or problem or could not help. I was beside myself with fear as she would have to leave in the dead of night whilst he was at work. She eventually managed to muster up the courage, got some stuff together and “escaped”. She was home free for a while, but knew the phone calls and pleas would start soon. What I cannot understand for the life of me is why she did not just turn her phone off or just not answer it for a few hours. He begged, pleaded, made promises and told her the reason why he gets so mad is that her son is interfering in their relationship. He has no respect and is lazy.

She came to see me and asked me to help her find a school for her son or she would have to send him back to her mother so he can continue his schooling. She ended up doing just that. She put him on a train, but had to drive a few town away to do so. Next thing I knew she was back with him. He had bugged her and begged her for one final chance. In this time the pup had to go where they went and was getting used to all the travelling as well.  He always came up with the ideas of what they would have for supper but rarely ate a morsel. It usually ended in the rubbish bin or the pup had to eat the feast. The pup got so spoilt that it even had Crayfish (Extremely expensive) for Breakfast one day. Things went well for a while I assumed, as I hardly heard from her and as she had asked me to give her space I respected it. 

He had behaved and they spoke for hours and he really tried, really tried very hard. He cut his drinking down to half of what he used to and most evenings went fine until he got ticked off by a minor incident again and went on a drinking binge. She decided she had had enough of him controlling her and went to look for him after he had stormed out the house hours earlier. She found him in his favourite drinking hole and just quietly went and sat down next to him. She ordered herself a mug of Coffee. (yes they do serve coffee at this bar) Next thing she knew he had whipped out some money and slammed it down on the Counter top. He loudly invited anyone who who want to fuck this ugly fat bitch that he would pay for it.  No one in the bar came to her defence and the embarrassment and humiliation flattened her. She walked out and got into her car and drove home. More than an hour later he came in and told her to pack her things and Fuck-Off!!! 

Unfortunately for him she was packed already. When he saw this he went ballistic and took a knife out and walked out to her car, slashing all her tyres. she had made sure to hide her keys and her cell phone out of reach.  He eventually went to bed way after 4 am in the morning.  His father came over sometime during the course of the morning and after seeing what his son had done drove to a neighbouring town and purchased some retread tyres for her. He woke up later and begged her for forgiveness. He loves her so much that it drives him insane to see other men looking at her.

What a pot of shit!!! 

She left AGAIN!!!!! This time vowing to never go back. 




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