Abuse! What are the signs?

Published August 20, 2013 by Kappaloca

Destiny Reachers!

Some signs of abuse are subtle and happen gradually, sucking victims in, catching them unaware!

My mission is to bring everyone happy, prosperous lives. The reason I’m writing all of these posts on relationships and now abuse is because if your relationship isn’t healthy, you cannot affect positive change in your life in any other regard.  Basically, if your relationship is the source of stress, pain, heartache or drama, how can you be happy anywhere else? We only live once and holding on to a bad relationship really stops us from living. I held on to a bad relationship for far to long. I had to realize I couldn’t change the person, I could only change me and my situation. Don’t be blind to the signs of a bad relationship or the signs of abuse.

Most forms of abuse are not physical. Emotional and psychological abuse leave deep and lasting…

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