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My Teenage Daughter is Pregnant.

Published July 15, 2013 by Kappaloca

The shock and horror when your seemingly  innocent 17 year old teenage daughter comes clean and demystifies her behaviour over the last few weeks. The words: “Mom, I am am pregnant !” seems to come drifting to you in slow motion, you don’t quite know if she had made an audible typo, but yet it’s there, it’s said. I needed air!  My heart went into overdrive and my head started pounding as the blood rushed through my body. I opened my mouth to speak/shriek, but i just instinctively knew that I needed to control my emotions. I closed my eyes and a 1000 memories rushed and flooded through me as I relived the moment MY parents had to told about my own pregnancy when I was just a teen of 15. My words:” You will have this baby!” I vowed to  stand by my daughter and there would be no discussions about abortion or adoption whatsoever. I am Pro-Life!!! This baby did not ask to be conceived. It will be born, raised, loved and welcomed into this world. The father of the baby has from day one stepped up and stood by my daughter and for that we are truly thankful as many a young teenager does not have the support and more often than not the “Dad” just does not stick around or starts making excuses and walks away from the responsibilities. My grandson came into this world two years ago and has totally taken over our lives. We cannot even begin to think life without him. He is a blessing and has brought our families so much joy. I have never regretted my decission to stand by my daughter and she makes me so proud. She went back to school to finish her Final exams and has done a sterling job of being a Mother, daughter, student and soon to be wife to the father of their son. I never had the privilege of seeing my eldest daughter grow up as she was taken from me at birth. I was too young to raise a child and it was after all still a sin and a shame to the family at the age of 15. I had not been given a choice. I was under aged and had no rights. At the age of 20 and after years of longing and wondering what had become of my child my daughter had found me.  Today I have a beautiful relationship with her and for that I am thankful.

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